Fern Update

Updates to Good practices:

• Improved the page’s intro.
• Mostly rewritten and significantly expanded the PIN chapter.
• Moved a section of the Password manager chapter over to the PIN chapter.
• Minor improvements and fixes to the Secure communication chapter.
• Minor fix to the Web security chapter.
• Minor addition to the VPNs chapter.
• Minor fix to the Webcam security chapter.
• Expanded the Conclusion chapter.

Added to Articles:

Tor Is Easier Than Ever. Time to Give It a Try / WIRED
How to think about data in 2019 / The Economist
What Constant Surveillance Does to Your Brain / Motherboard


Moccasin Update

Updates to Good practices:

• Minor update to the Software updates chapter.
• Expanded the Device encryption chapter.
• Improved and expanded the Find my device chapter.
• Expanded the Multi-Factor Authentication chapter.
• Expanded the Web security chapter.
• Expanded the Privacy settings chapter.
• Expanded the Data protection and minimization chapter, once known as the Data minimization chapter.

Added to Videos:

• Today in Technology: Lessons on Protecting Privacy / Microsoft
How to identify, avoid, and report phishing / Apple Support
• Kashmir Hill and Surya Mattu: What your smart devices know (and share) about you / TED
• HTTPS and Web Security – The State of the Web / Google Chrome Developers
• Sharing your Google data with Apps / Google
• How not to get phished (like the DNC) / Vox
• Google saves all your voice commands. Here’s how to delete them. / The Verge
• Here’s Why Your Static Website Needs HTTPS / Troy Hunt

Added to Articles:

• How to protect your phone or computer when crossing borders / ProtonMail
• Six really practical ways to protect your privacy online / Amnesty International UK
• Internet Safety for Kids – 6 Tips to Protect Children Online / LastPass
• Setting up two-factor authentication (2FA) / NCSC
• Two-Factor Authentication for Beginners / Martin Shelton
• Protect your data, protect your human rights: Amnesty’s three-step guide / Amnesty International UK

Removed from Articles:

• Removed Two-Factor Authentication for Newsroom

Added to Tools:

• DNS leak test / Jeremy Campbell
• Firefox Monitor / Mozilla
• LastPass / LogMeIn
• Mozilla Firefox
• ProtonVPN
• Shodan / John Matherly

Added to Resources:

• How HTTPS works / DNSimple
• LastPass Blog / LogMeIn
• ProtonMail Blog / Proton Technologies
• ProtonVPN Blog
• Random but Memorable / 1Password
• Speak Up & Stay Safe(r) / Jaclyn Friedman, Anita Sarkeesian, Renee Bracey Sherman